Indicative fee schedule 2023

    1st Child $2,900
    2nd Child $2,200
    3rd Child $1,300
    4th Child nil

    Facilities Fee $400 per family per annum

    The Facilities Fee will be waived/subsidised for families where an Expression of Interest for enrolments commencing in 2023 is received by 30 June, 2021.

    Health Care Card Holders will be eligible for a 35% discount on the above fees.

    Notes re fees
    Australian Government funding to non-government schools takes into account the capacity of school communities to contribute to the school’s operating costs. From 2020, the Australian Government introduced a Direct Measure of Income for calculating the anticipated capacity of a non-government school community to contribute towards the operating costs of their school. The Direct Measure of Income will be applied based on the median income of parents and/or guardians of students at a non-government school.

    As a new school, we have estimated this measure at a rate similar to that which would apply to comparable schools. With a currently unknown student population, the measure that will apply to BCC cannot yet be determined. We anticipate that this new funding model will give scope for a relatively lower fee base in the future, with the composition of the student population being the determining factor. As it is an income based measure, should our families have a lower capacity to contribute, then Government funding will increase accordingly allowing for lower fees.

    Providing accessibility to Christian education by making it affordable for as many families as possible has been set as a high priority for Bendigo Christian College. We aim to do this through a combination of a low fee base, family discounts, Health Care Card holder discounts and scholarships.
    Please note, the fees above are indicative of those expected for 2023 and may be subject to change depending on factors including final student groupings/year level spread. Any change is not expected to be substantial.

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