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    Dear interested parties,

    The Board of Bendigo Christian College has made the following decisions:

    1. Not to pursue commencement of the school in 2023.
    2. No future date for a school is being considered.

    We make these decisions with much regret after in excess of seven years planning. We have not shirked from facing each obstacle as they have confronted us. We have listened, considered and prayed through every step. There have been many breakthroughs that we believe have been through God's hand. We humbly acknowledge this.

    The Board has seen that there remains intractable hurdles for a 2023 commencement. We see that demonstrable changes are needed to enable new schools like ours to commence. Almost all new independent schools are systemic, or a campus extension. Very very few totally new independent schools like we have planned, find their way through the process to commencement. It is understandably rigorous, complex and expensive. We understand that new schools must go through this process and thank each party who have worked with us.

    We are extremely thankful for those who have been on our journey. There have been many. Our traffic engineers, town planners and architects have been very supportive. Our pioneer parents have been amazing. Thank you one and all.

    There are disappointments in broken dreams. It is disappointing in particular for the families who had, and were to enroll their children in Bendigo Christian College. For those of us who follow God, we know the overwhelming truth that we learn more in the valleys of life than we do from the mountain tops.

    With our thanks and our sincere apology that we could not get the job done.

    Phil Trebilcock
    BCC Chair

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